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3.21.16; post op struggles

Tuesday March 21, 2017~

Life after surgery has been pretty boring; I get up, I take my meds, I eat, I drink, I walk a little bit, eat some more, more meds, etc. it cycles until I go to bed. Its been a refreshing break from life, thats for sure. But it isnt all easy and Ive started to notice it more the last couple days now that Im off my pain meds and not so foggy all day long.  Continue reading “3.21.16; post op struggles”


3.17.17; 1 week Post-op

Friday March 17, 2017~

Today is officially 1 week post-op!

So far:
-Ive managed to eat some softer solids and couldnt be happier.
-Ive hit all my water goals which I thought was going to be the hardest part!
-Ive mostly weened myself off the narcotics except at bedtime, where I take 1/2.
-Ive started trying to switch back to a night shift schedule and failed horribly…. Continue reading “3.17.17; 1 week Post-op”


3.13.17; Mind Games

3 days post op now and I had some realizations already….

First: the amount of movement you go through in a single day is 10x harder when you cannot bend or move very well. Im finally able to move pretty well including sitting up and down by myself. The downside is that by about 4pm I am so worn out and tired that everything hurts and doesnt want to move. My brain is telling me I am tired and need sleep, yet I know I need to fight off the fatigue and keep walking. Its so hard when your body and mind arent on the same page.  Continue reading “3.13.17; Mind Games”


3.11.17;12hours post op

Just wanted to give an update on my surgery…

Doc said everything went as planned, no extra stuff was taken out (gullblader/hernia). Im doing excellent per my amazing care team here at scottsdale hospital. They have all been super nice and helpful today. Amazing bedside mannor.  Continue reading “3.11.17;12hours post op”

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3.4.17; Lack of Motivation

Saturday, March 4th 2017 ~

I found myself tonight being a bit more crabby, grouchy, and emotional than I have been in a few weeks. Unfortunately, that came across in my attiude at work. I had a good chat with a trusted co-worker and felt a little better about some of the stuff that had been bothering me. However, I still felt like poo and not sure why… Continue reading “3.4.17; Lack of Motivation”